Border Narratives

Globalization, Schengen, European Union- the border definition, which I knew until reaching adulthood, is losing signification with the arising of this new context.

Suddenly, the physical barrier that separated Portugal and the various provinces/nations that make up Spain, disappeared.

But not the line of the map! Not even the cultural identity that separates the two countries, always dependent on factors of history, language and place. The border relations are now in a lethargic state waiting for better days… or simply waiting for the death certificate.

While the new Europe seeks to define, leveling or not, different notions of State, Nation and Sovereignty, Border, Territory and Territoriality I scoured the dividing line from Chaves/Verin to Sabugal / Ciudad Rodrigo looking for small narratives, in rural areas dotted by small villages or towns that lived in a cross-border trade, defined by a national identity, but sharing the same cryogenic sleep.

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